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From stock Ford Mustang Factory concours Drivetrain restorations to Modern Resto-Mod Transmission Drivetrain upgrade/swaps California Pony Cars offers a unique array of transmission products for every Ford Mustang enthusiast needs, whether you are looking to Restore/Repair your Original Ford Factory OEM C-4, C-6 Automatic Transmission or your T-10, 3 speed or 4 speed Manual Toploader Transmission or if you are looking to upgrade to the very popular and reliable Late Model modern "Overdrive Transmissions" like the AOD, AODE,4R70W Automatic Overdrive Transmission or to the World Class Borg-Warner/ TREMEC 5-Speed T-5,TKO 500,TKO 600 Manual Transmissions or even to the new craze of putting in the TREMEC 6-Speed T-56, T-56 Magnum Transmission into your 1964-1973 Classic American Icon Muscle Car Mustang, California Pony Cars has you covered.

With our Trusted and Proven track record, California Pony Cars has been offering our 5-Speed conversion "Bolt-On" kits for over 35 years and we are proud to be the "Originators" of the modern overdrive transmission upgrade kits for the Classic 1964-1973 Mustangs, we offer multiple conversion options for early and later model manual and Now Automatic Transmissions and Belhousoings to fit your Classic Muscle Car.
Our kits comes complete with spacer/adapter plate, transmission crossmember bar, transmission mount insulator, Drive Shaft, Slip yoke, shift lever, shifter knob, fulcrum spacer block,AOD linkage, Kickdown cable and brand new Tremec and AOD Transmissions and all of these parts are also sold separately if needed.   

Our "Bolt-On" Overdrive kits make for an easy install and offer much advantages and benefits over the original 1964-1973 Mustang C-4, C-6 Automatic Transmission or the original manual T-10, 3-spedd and 4-speed Transmissions that these Mustangs came with from the Ford Factory, some of the advantages and benefits include,

  1. 5th Gear overdrive
  2. Increase in torque,thus,improved, "off the line" Performance.
  3. Overdrive improves fuel economy
  4. Overdrive ratio allows higher top speed.
  5. Overdrive transmissions will stand up to demands of high performance driving.
  6. No cutting or altering of original floor or floor structure is required.
  7. Utilizes emergency brake linkage
  8. Utilizes original speedometer cable
  9. Utilizes original clutch linkage (for the 5-speed manual conversion)
  10. Utilizes original flywheel (for the 5-speed manual conversion)  
  11. late model Performance and reliability for your Classic Mustang
CPC is consistently testing and developing New Products such as, Brake and Clutch pedal support kits, hydraulic clutch kits, 5-speed and 6-speed transmission crossmembers, clutch bushing repair kits, clutch cable kit, kickdown cable, AOD dip stick, T-5 pigtail, safety neutral switch, AOD flex plate, dual pattern Flywheel, Clutch bushings, transmission adapter plate, T-5 slip yoke, AOD slip yoke, T-5 separator plate, AOD separator plate, billet shfter lever, T-5 shifter lever, shifter boot, "C" Cervo piston kit, 5.0 z-bar pivot bracket, 1969 4 speed shifter handle and much more.

We do know that our products are often imitated (copied) but they can never duplicate the California Pony Cars quality and fitment, so be sure to ask for us by name so you can rest assure that you will receive the quality you are expecting along with the best warranty in the business, Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of our Made in USA products.
When Quality matter, Insist on California Pony Cars Transmission Products.            


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