CALIFORNIA PONY CARS (CPC) was established in 1982 as an American Made Manufacturer of die cast, plastic, fiberglass and metal stamping products for the Mustang reproduction parts industry.

All die cast and plastic molded parts are made from production tooling and use only the highest grade materials like the original parts for a perfect fit. Other short run manufacturers use the sand cast process where it is impossible to reproduce the fine detail you, “the restorer”, demand in quality reproduction parts.

We are proud to make products that allow our customers the opportunity to recapture the special feelings of a time long past. Mustangs remind us of a time when the U.S. was innocent, open, and the future was unlimited!!

Every product we manufacture must pass our own strict, rigid standards. In most cases our “Custom” quality surpasses the “production” quality of the original mass produced OEM part.

We are continually expanding our line of high quality products and recently introduced our late model “NXT Generation” line for the “Hot” New 2005-2013 Mustangs. This new line includes accessories like: hood lift kits, fuel rail covers, shock tower covers, battery and master cylinder covers, radiator extension covers, wheels and much more to come, in order to fill the needs of an increasingly “Quality conscious” customer. We are dedicated to the “process of continuous improvement”, and we welcome competition as a way to improve our own quality and to provide you our customer the very best value.

When you buy CPC products, you can be sure you are receiving the highest quality products and that you are dealing with a company whose reputation for dependability, fairness and customer satisfaction has helped CPC to become a leader in the industry. We are very proud of our company’s reputation for quality and customer service.

CPC has been a key “behind the scene” figures in the Mustang reproduction parts industry for over 25 years. We do not market our products through any other brand name nor are we affiliated in any way with any other wholesale or retail distributor. All our premium quality products can be found at your local Mustang parts and restoration stores. So ask for them by name “CPC Premium Quality Parts”.

We value your business and your time, so when you call CPC during regular business hours you will always be able to speak to a “real” person, and not a voice messaging system. We’ll always try to answer your questions promptly and thoroughly and in a friendly tone. CPC is open Monday thru Thursday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm and Friday 7:00 am to 3:30 pm (PST) Call 1-888-225-7669.

We appreciate your continued support, and we are proud that your support has helped us develop our growing line of high quality Reproduction parts & Accessories.

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