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Since 1982 California Pony Cars (CPC) has been known for producing top quality parts for the Mustang industry. Precision and detail was the key to their success. After a decade of producing quality products CPC came out with a kit that changed the Classic Mustang reproduction industry forever: The T-5 Kit.

The T-5 kit made it easy to install a late model Borg-Warner T-5 or Tremec TKO, 5 speed manual transmissions in a 1964-1973 Mustang. The kit allowed drivers to take advantage of the 1st gear ratio which increased torque and low end performance in 5th gear. It was an incredible boost in performance. The 5 speed conversion allowed utilization of the existing oem emergency brake linkage, speedometer cable, clutch linkage, flywheel, clutch, starter, throw out arm & bushings with no cut outs required. The T-5 conversion kit is like so many other swaps, it won’t simply bolt in. CPC made it easy by creating multiple conversions for early and later models manual transmission bell housings. They also created an adapter plate that provides mounting holes for the attachment of the plate and securing the transmission. The 5 speed conversion kit comes complete with a precision engineered spacer/adapter plate, Trans cross member bar, drive shaft slip yoke, trans mount insulator,shift lever & shift knob.

California Pony Cars continues to sell their kits in today’s market, but after having so much success it was only a matter of time before other companies tried to do the same. Many of these companies created kits that imitated those that California Pony Cars created, but none that compare to the American quality of CPC. History shows CPC broke the mold, and was the first to create the kit. It is safe to say we can call California Pony Cars the “Originator”
of the T-5 kit.


5th gear is actually an overdrive with a ration of approximately 0.63:1
Overdrive allows the use of a lower geared rear axle, which in turn, produces an incredible increase in torque, thus, improved, “off the line” performance.
Overdrive improves fuel economy.
Overdrive ratio allows higher top speed.
The T-5 is a heavy duty transmission that will stand up to demands of performance driving.
No cutting or altering of the original floor on floor structure is required.
Utilizes original emergency brake linkage.
Utilizes original speedometer cable.
Utilizes original clutch linkage.
Utilizes original flywheel, clutch, and starter.


Will a Tremec transmission work with our T-5 kit?

No, we have parts available for the Tremec.

Can you use a Hurst Shifter instead of the optional “stock appearance” shift Lever?

Yes, you can use the Hurst Shifter.

Will a Lakewood bell housing work with existing cross member or do you need a new cross member?

It doesn’t matter what type of bell housing you are using, you should use a CPC recommended cross member.

Will the clutch pedal, linkage, & equalizer bar from a ’63 falcon work with our T-5 conversion kits?

Yes, they will work.

With 351 Cleveland engine, will the 302 flywheel or a 351 flywheel work with the T-5 conversions kits?

CPC does not recommend using a 351 Cleveland engine. It will work, however it has too much horse power. The 302 flywheel will work ok.

Will a 94’ & up transmission work with the conversion kit?

No, because the pilot shaft is too long.

Can a 351 Windsor work with a 3 speed bell housing?

Yes, that is the early model (original) bell housing.

Can I use the same clutch and flywheel if I am converting my transmission from automatic to standard?

No, CPC recommends the following:

         i.      Early 1964-1980

         ii.      10 ½ Clutch

         iii.      28.2 Imbalance 157 tooth flywheel

Late 1981-1993

         i.      164 tooth flywheel
Here is an article from Modified Mustangs & Fords :
MSRP: $469.80
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