Remembering Ray Harrington

Whenever February 13th appears on our calendars, only one thing comes to mind, Ray Harrington. It has been two years since our beloved founder has passed away and the day is filled up with memories that we remember of him. We thank Ray by caring on his passion for the Ford Mustang that he shared with all of us. We here at California Pony Cars carry on the tradition that Ray had taught us that has brought CPC as one of the superior manufacturers in this automotive industry. It is impossible to say that it does not sadden us that Ray is no longer with us anymore, but we can confidently say that he would be proud of where California Pony Cars stands today We would like to thank our supporters that have worked with us from the start. In commemoration of Ray, SRJunior designs has put together a collage in honor of Ray Harrington (shown below)

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