California Pony Cars Open House Event 2014

So it seems like we were just at Sema and all of a sudden we have ended up in 2014. The new year started off upbeat with us inviting friends and enthusiast to attend our first ever open house event here at our facility in So.Cal. After a month of planning and gathering top automotive manufactures in the industry together, we were able to come together and celebrate 50 years of Mustangs!

On Saturday, January 25th California Pony Cars opened their doors to Mustang owners all around the So.Cal area. At 8am we were pleased to welcome Trufiber,TMI, Mustangs and Fast Fords Oc, KAR Motorsports, Turbosmart, and XIX Wheels as they started setting up their booths for the show. Shortly after, we witnessed stampedes of Mustangs coming together in herds. By 10am both of our parking lots were filled with over and we prepared to accomodate the overflow of Mustangs into our 3rd parking lot (the street) coming together to give us a count of over 150+ cars at our facility all at once.

Once everyone was settled in we started the shop tour around our 20,000 sq. ft. facility. We accomadated the young, elderly, restless, and hungry through a behind the scenes tour of how our products are manufactured on a day to day basis and an up close and personal of the quality that CPC produces. After the shop tour everyone was able to enjoy an ol' fashion American lunch courtesy of California Pony Cars followed by a raffle with giveaways such as, Mothers waxes, gift cards, and other misc items. The event concluded with a series of photo shoots and burnouts!

It was a pleasure seeing automotive enthusiast coming together to share ideas and opinions with like minded enthusiast while still being able to share a laugh or two. As hard as everyone worked together to get this event put together we had to take a moment to remember the dear founder of California Pony Cars; Mr. Ray Harrington. "Hey Ray, this one was for you. Ray Harrington would've celebrated his 67th birthday on Feb 13th.

Want to see pictures? Check out our gallery on facebook "California Pony Cars"

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