NXT Generation 20'' SS Wheels


     Ever since the first Mustangs made their debut in 1965 with the optional 14” x 5” “Styled Steel” wheel, owners and enthusiasts have been captivated by the unique style and look of these spectacular wheels.
 Back in the day, a set of Styled Steel wheels with 70 series tires was considered about as good as you could get for the early Mustang. They were quite popular and had a very broad appeal that extended to other Ford models as well. 
     California Pony Cars offers a 20” SS style wheel which is designed after the Classic “Styled Steel” wheel used on vintage Mustangs. These 20” wheels are one piece chrome plated cast aluminum wheel with painted cove areas and stylized lug nuts. These high quality chrome wheels are available in a 20X9 and 20x10 for staggered fitment or a non-staggered fitment and are also hub centric with a 70.7mm bore specifically for the 2005 to 2009 Mustangs.
     You can get your choice of red or black 1965-1966 style or either black or blue 1967 style center caps to suit your preference. This high quality wheel takes advantage of modern wheel and tire technology while maintaining a close likeness to the original styling of the early Styled Steel wheels and is sure to change the look of any Mustang in such a way that can only be described as “Extraordinary”. It is important to note that these wheels, though much larger than original wheels, fit within the stock wheel wells and offer a considerable weight savings over steel wheels and are manufactured with a +30 backset to be a direct “bolt on” for 2005-2009 Mustangs (No need to modify stock lug studs).  Center caps are sold separately.  For more information on Premium Quality wheels, call California Pony Cars at 888-225-7669 or 909-923-2804 or visit our website @ www.calponycars.com

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