NXT Gen Engine Dress Up Kit Install

NXT Generation product line recently put together a kit for the late 2005-2010 Ford Mustang. The kit is tailored to those mustang drivers that love appearance but also love the power that comes along with it. Now together as one kit, NXT Gen has recently introduced the 4.6 Plenum Cover Kit which is now available on calponycars.com. The kit includes the 4.6 plenum cover,  a set of fuel rail covers, and a throttle body cover. Not only does the NXT Generation engine dress up kit give the mustang engine compartment a great look, it only requires a simple install. Our friends over at CJ Pony Parts put together this installation video to show step-by-step just how easy it is to install the kit.Click here to view the kit now:http://calponycars.com/2005-2013-mustang/856-eng-000-420.html

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