Mustang Spotlight: Mustang Medic

This past week we had one of the biggest faces of mustang restoration on youtube here at our facility for a shop tour. The mustang medic dropped by after finding out that we produced some of the hard-to-come-by parts for his favorite 1971-73 Mustangs. The Mustang Medic buys, restores, and sells mustangs and host all of his footage on his youtube channel for viewers all around the world to watch. We toured the medic through our facility and around the wide range of parts that we manufacture here. Surprising to us, he was amazed to see our variety of parts that are manufactured in the U.S.A. It was easy to see that rebuilding his classic American restorations with American products is very important to him. Look for the Mustang Medic when it comes to his specialty in the 1971-73 Mustang how-to and restoration videos. Here's a peak at what went on with the Medic.

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