"Bullitt" Mustang found in Mexico junk yard

Earlier this month, images surfaced online reportedly showing one of just two 1968 Ford Mustang fastbacks used in the Steve McQueen classic 'Bullitt'.
 This classic was said to be missing for over 50 years now.
Insane right? These images that surfaced had all of us in the Mustang world going crazy and wanting to know more if the car was in fact the original or not.  At the time, the presence of an accurate VIN number suggested the car located in Mexico was the real deal but some had their doubts.
Remarkably, the prized muscle car was found in a scrapyard in Baja California, now what are the odds of that? After found, this car was taken to Mexicali for further  
This seemed to be very shocking to the Ford Mustang world, but one of the Most Respected Ford expert, Kevin Marti says that it's possible. 

"‘It’s not the first time one of these old movie cars showed up in a junk yard, but it’s rare,’ says Ford expert Kevin Marti.

After going to Mexicali, Ford expert, Kevin Marti, did confirm 100% authenticity and was indeed  the missing 'Bullitt" car. The car is expected to be worth well over $1 million now. 
Now that the 'Bullitt' is safe and found Ford is rumored to be working on a new special edition Mustang Bullitt like those it introduced in 2001 and 2008, and there’s also the mystery of the whereabouts of the other movie car, and whether or not it will surface to celebrate. 

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