1965 Ford Mustang Shooting-Brake by American Mustangs

There are stories floating around the Mustang Restoration world that Ford built two top secret prototype Mustang Station Wagons or Shooting-Brakes back in 1964. However, Ford never did build a wagon version of the pony car, most of these sighting come from a custom built 1965 Ford Mustang that Intermeccanica for an advertising agency and to present it as a concept to Ford Motor Company, this car is now rotting away somewhere on the East Coast. A few people though have always wanted the fun of their classic Mustang with the capabilities of a wagon, and now American Mustang's Restomods of El Cajon, California is offering complete conversions for classic Mustang's into factory style panel wagons. Love the styling or hate it you have to admit that the workmanship is impressive. For more information on getting your own classic Mustang Station Wagon visit www.american-mustangs.com .
Check out the build photos below:

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