1966 Ford Mustang 6 CYL, T-5 Transmission Conversion Kit




Looking to convert your manual transmission 6-cylinder 1966 Ford Mustang over to a T-5 5 speed manual transmission? Look no...

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Looking to convert your manual transmission 6-cylinder 1966 Ford Mustang over to a T-5 5 speed manual transmission? Look no further California Pony Cars has you covered. This 1966 Mustang T5 Transmission Conversion kit allows you to save time and make it easy to convert to a T5 5-speed manual transmission as it is a direct bolt up to the original OEM 6 bolt bell housing and does not require any modifications. This kit includes everything you will need to get the job done right the first time such as an adapter plate, crossmember bar without parking brake bracket, trans mount insulator, and a drive shaft slip yoke.

1966 Ford mustang 6 Cyl, T5 Transmission Conversion Kit Details:


  • Complete Bolt-On Kit
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • Improves Driveability
  • Improves Gas Milage
  • Fits 1966 OEM 6-Bolt Bellhousing and 1965 Bellhousing Casting #C6OA-6394-C
  • Transmission Adapter Plate (TRA-657-627) 
  • Transmission Crossmember Bar With Parking Brake Bracket (TRA-656-522)
  • Transmission Insulator Mount (TRA-650-521)
  • Transmission Drive Shaft Slip Yoke (TRA-650-517) 

Note: This kit will also fit 1965 models with bell housing casting #C6OA-6394-C.

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Customer Reviews

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Steve Trussell
T-5 Conversion Kit

I purchased this kit for my 66 200 cid to convert it from a 3 speed manual to a T-5. Full disclosure, I have been fiddling with old cars long enough to know that nothing is truly "bolt on". In this case, however, a bit more communication from CPC would have made the installation much smoother. In my case, the kit came with an adaptor plate that did not fit my bell housing requiring me to get on the phone with CPC tech support, identify the problem and then have the correct part overnighted to the shop. This was at considerable expense to me and took up a lift at the installation shop for an extra day. Granted the kit came with the plate for the casting number clearly posted on the product web page but nothing was said about what to do if the casting number was different or to be careful as casting numbers may differ. Not to mention the trans needed to be pulled to identify the casting number in first place. Another issue was a small section of the floor support in the trans tunnel near the firewall needed to be cut and removed in order to clear the T-5 and the crossmember ne3eded to be modified to fit the factory holes. The T-5 is now cleanly and properly installed and the result is magnificent. I could not be more pleased with the way the car drives, in fact it is a completely different car and totally overshadows the frustration of the installation.

Max Iantorno
Be ready for the unexpected

Overall, the T5 conversion kit makes driving your classic mustang a whole new and wonderful experience. Be sure to mock up the crossmember first because i had to drill my holes out a bit more on my 66 to make it fit properly. If your T5 isn’t fitting into your clutch easily it’s probably because you’ll have to get a wider 10 spline, 9” clutch like I did… luckily enough, after some research i learned that a clutch kit from a 1967 was the answer to this problem i had. and lastly be ready to bring your driveshaft to get a new custom shaft because your slip yolk will not fit your 1100 series flange on your stock driveshaft ( although I read online some people had no problem with this part ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ) also… mine did NOT come with instructions but it was easy enough to figure out for the most part. good luck to all who get this kit and just be ready to frankenstein some things together!

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