"The Official Hood Lift Kit of the Fabulous Fords Forever Show"

This Sunday, California Pony Cars will be out at the 32nd annual Fabulous Fords Forever Show! We are excited to announce that we are also hosing the "Official Hood Lift Kit of the Fabulous Fords Forever Show". From previous shows we noticed that a lot of cars have their hood open to show the clean engine work they have done and also show their restoration process and we wanted to amplify the  look of the average prop rod.  Our hood lift kits gives your hood a sleek new look and also is ALL AMERICAN MADE!

In honor of the show, we are giving out a promo code until April 28th for20% OFF YOUR NEXT HOOD LIFT KIT PURCHSE! If you have any questions about the show or our promo code feel free to email us at sales@calponycars.com or ask us on Facebook.

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