Technical Notice: Fuel Rail Cover Instruction Revision

California Pony Cars:

Technical Update May 2009

Product: ENG-058-547

It has come to our attention that retail customers have been having an issue when installing our fuel rail cover kits on 2005+ Ford Mustang GT's. The issue comes from the wording used in our installation instructions, that has lead a few people to believe that they must remove the pressurized fuel line in order to install the Driver Side Fuel Rail Cover, spilling fuel on the painted surface; resulting in bubbling and peeling of paint.

While we have only had two such cases since the products introduction, we have decided to address the confusion by revising our instructions.

Fuel Rail Cover Installation _130 Revised 5-12-09

Download to include with your current inventory. If you have recently sold this item please contact your customer with the new instructions. The instructions are in PDF format, and once downloaded they can be printed, e-mails, or faxed to your customers.
We apologize for any problems this may cause you, however, we felt it was best to make the change before our dealers have any issues with customers directly. Thank you again for your business and continued support.


California Pony Cars
Dealer Development Team

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