T5/AOD Conversion for Dummies

So you're looking to swap that old 3/4 speed transmission to a nice overdrive transmission huh? No worries, California Pony Cars is here to save the day. If you want to know each and every step into completing this job, this article is not for you. This article is for each and every diy/backyard mechanic interested in understanding what it takes to make their low rpm highway dreams come true.

In this day and age we've ran circles around yesteryears automotive technology. With that being said, nothing beats a classic with modern day functionality. Our T5/AOD conversion kit is a testament to this. California Pony Cars has paved the way for over 25 years with this conversion kit and continues to earn stripes as the trusted name in doing so.

This kit is a compliment to the existing motor and new transmission that you will swap into the car; In other words  our kit consist of additional bolt on parts that allows the existing motor and new trans to work together. The basics to our kits include: adapter plate, slip yolk, crossmember bar, and trans mount insulator.

The adapter plate attaches to the back of the motor which will allow direct bolt up to the new transmission.
The slip yolk is a replacement to the factory slip yoke which will allow you to utilize your existing drive shaft married to the new transmission.
The crossmember bar will allow you to mount the new transmission hassle free without any drilling or cutting necessary.
Lastly, the trans mount insulator mounts the new transmission in to its new home.

Like yourselves, our competitors have thought, hey this is too good to be true and have replicated our products to gain the ingenuity that California Pony Cars has created. No company has yet to come close. When it comes to details, fabrication, and functionality CPC has earned the right to be the #1 leader in the industry. It's safe to say California Pony Cars is the "Originator of the T5/AOD" conversion kit.

We hope this article has been knowledgable to all you diy/backyard mechanics. If you dream it you can build it. California Pony Car is committed to the Mustang dream.

For detailed information on our conversation kits, click here:

For any other questions please visit our website: calponycars.com or call us direct at (888)225-7669

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