Social Media Marketing for your Aftermarket Business

Social Media Marketing (SMM) using technologies like Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace is the new internet trend that everyone is talking about it use to be SEO now it is SMM. But like any trend there are those people that understand it and see explosive growth, and those who just can't seem to gain any traction. The reason that some companies just don't seem to get plugged in to the community is that they are not using a content driven approach, and they don't understand that you have to offer real value to the user.
If you are going to use SMM to promote your automotive aftermarket business or any business here are some of the types of content you should focus on offering in your SMM campaign

White papers and Special Reports
Blog postsGames or Quizzes

As more and more customers tune out to online ads, providing content that they want to experience is going to be more important. Many small business owners don't have the time to generate a lot of content, however, using sites like and others can help you fill in the blanks. To determine what kind of content you should be providing look at the demographic of your target audience. If you are a wholesale company content by industry leaders would be perfect, if you are targeting the end users installation videos, interviews, and games may be more effective. Once you have the content you can use SMM to share it. This is where SMM really can payoff

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