Sema 2014 Recap

Our bags are unpacked and new products back on the shelves. Our dedicated California Pony Cars team worked extensively to make a statement at the 2014 Sema show. It seems as if it was just a few weeks ago that our R&D team created a plan around the idea of creating the NXT signature hood lift kit for the 2015 Mustang. Not guaranteeing a finish for the show, R&D worked day in and day out to double the production time to get prototypes for various Sema show cars. The Sema show was the launch pad for the 2015 Mustang hood lift kit and other Cal Pony Cars products, including, the 2012-2014 Ford Focus hood lift kit as well as the 2008 GT500 radiator cover. We'd like to thank the team over at CGS for including us in their build as well as our drivers that proudly represented CPC.

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