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1965-1966 Mustang Deluxe Wood Wheel Horn Button | STE-656-048

California Pony Cars is known to be #1 when it comes to premium quality parts that are made in the U.S.A. Customers have grown to trust a product when they see the CPC Premium Black packaging. Over the years, we have noticed an increase of imports products hitting the shelves in the U.S. Below you will find comparison photos that show distinct differences between our quality Steering Wheel Center Cap versus the cheap import. We hope this will educate masses on these cheap knockoffs.

Imported versions have a rough uneven brushed finish and are made from unknown material and strength. Quality is a big concern, if the material used is unknown, it may fail under certain conditions. Our product is made from zinc die cast, has a flawless brushed finish as the original and is finished with triple chrome plating.

The lack of detail on this import part is a huge giveaway. The text is excessively large, nowhere close to concourse correct. The cheap plastic center cap covers the poorly detailed center decals. The lack of detail is no match against our product. The hand-painted pony and stripes are identical to those of the original, and the letters and sizing are concourse correct. The finely detailed decals lay under a clear acrylic lens.

 When it comes to buying products, fitment is always a concern. The import version has a cheap cut out brace with cheap tin hangers making them more likely to crack under pressure (get it…Crack-under-pressure…anyways). Our brace resembles those of the original and has hangers that are built to last. We place the foam as an insulator just as Ford did when they manufactured these parts.

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