July 9th is National Car Collector Appreciation Day

Imagine as you pull up to a stoplight on warm day, driving your timeless example of American machinery, brightly shining in the sun. Someone gives you the nod of approval and admires your car; you can’t help you smile a bit. But do they really appreciate the work and time it took for you to restore this classic back to its true beauty. Not that you need any validation to appreciate your classic work of art, now you have a national holiday to revel in the joy of this passion. Senate Resolution 513 has designated July 9, 2010 as Collector Car Appreciation Day. The United States Senate has recognized your enthusiasm for collecting and preserving these timeless cars is as an important part of our automobile heritage as rubber tires. The passing of this resolution was made at the request of the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) & the Automotive Restoration Market Organization (ARMO). California Pony Cars wants to showcase pictures of your historic car or how you are celebrating this day of cultural significance in our Gallery. Submit your pictures to Jamiel@Calponycars.com with the subject "Car Collector Appreciation".

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