Gotta Have It! Gotta Get It!

California Pony Cars Master Dealer, CJ Pony Parts recently installed a set of NXT Generation Hood Lift kit in the New OEM “Gotta Have It Green” Color, on CJ’s “Gotta Have It” Street Car.

2013 GT 500 Hood Lift Kit
MSRP $129.95

These hood lift kits incorporate the best looking design with features people prefer most. No other hood lift system combines “all” of the following features.
  • "Painted to Match” is a great way to add a hood lift kit that looks like it came installed on your car from the factory 
  • Eliminates the use of existing prop rod
  • Complete “bolt on” system does not require drilling or riveting.
  • “Billet Style” aluminum construction looks incredible and saves weight
  • Hood Brackets are contoured to fit precisely over hood hinge and along the hood frame are fastening with existing bolts.
  • Inner fender brackets are tucked neatly against the firewall and inner fender. Entire system installs in about 15 minutes
  • This is a high quality product that sets the “Industry Standard” for Quality, Fit, Form and Function
  • The coated finish protects the aluminum brackets from corrosion caused by the effect of atmosphere on unprotected aluminum.
  • An added benefit is more room to work under the hood.
  • Premium quality parts made in the U.S.A by California Pony Cars.
You can order these through CJ Pony Parts

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