Ford Filled Weekend

This weekend we had the privilege of attending two of the summer’s first Ford Mustang shows. Thanks to Trufiber and Fabulous Fords Forever we had the opportunity to meet and greet with the automotive enthusiast and give them insight about what California Pony Cars is all about. It was awesome to see how many of these enthusiasts have become familiar faces to us now from attending our open house and other events in the area. 
After looking back on the weekend we are able to say we had a blast, and we look forward to the many more events that come this year. It is awesome to see the loyal fans that we have all around the world, and to have the opportunity to meet them is always a privilege. Trufiber and Fabulous Fords Forever always put on greats shows filled with food, music, raffles, and of course a ton of amazing cars. Special guest Jon Schultz from BCMC rapped over the microphone conducting the day’s activities and special announcements over at Trufiber while the Ford Racing Booth hosted the 2015 on a platform to give all the Ford enthusiast something to dream about that night.

California Pony Cars always supports the Ford Mustang enthusiasm so if your Ford vehicle club is having an event this car show season, feel free to contact us on our information line at (909) 923-2357 for more details.

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