Dealer Spotlight: K.A.R. Auto Group

Kevin @ K.A.R. Auto Group

K.A.R. was founded in 1978 as K.A.R. and Associates by Gordon Roberts 

and his son Kevin Allen Roberts. K.A.R. is actually Kevin's initials. 
Kevin was 18 years old at the time and in love with the Classic 
Mustang. His personal car was a 1965 Mustang convertible which he 
restored himself. The business's first location was a rented building 
and grounds in Westerville, Ohio, a suburb of Columbus, Ohio. The 
business grew steadily for 8 years prompting the purchase of its 
current facility in Columbus. In addition to parts sales the business 
also focused on used parts sales and Classic Mustang car sales. Kevin 
personally parted out over 100 Classic Mustangs learning every nut, 
bolt, and screw and where they go on a Mustang. This led to restoring 
Mustangs for customers as well as to resale. K.A.R. and Associates 
employed a small group of repair and restoration technicians. The 
business continued to grow over the years as did Gordon's and Kevin's 
knowledge and expertise. Unfortunately Gordon's health became an issue 
and he needed to slow down.

In 1994 George Waydo purchased the assets of K.A.R. and Associates and 
renamed the company K.A.R. Auto Group. Kevin was retained as an equity 
owner and Judy Moehl was brought on board as office manager and equity 
owner. Judy was a former executive assistant for a senior VP in a 
fortune 100 company and really buttoned up administratively. George's 
wife Mary was later brought on board as book keeper as the company 
continued to grow.

K.A.R. AUTO GROUP's focus continues to be Classic Mustang parts sales, 
Service, repair and parts installations on classic Mustangs, and 
Classic Mustang car sales. Since 1994 K.A.R. Auto Group has sold over 
1000 Classic Mustangs. K.A.R. remains the only Classic Mustang dealer 
that produces and makes available a 30 minute thoroughly narrated DVD 
of every Mustang we offer for sale. K.A.R. publishes a 300+ page parts 
catalog, maintains a large and informative web site, and has a strong 
ebay presence as well. We accept phone, on line, walk in, fax and ebay 
orders. We believe we offer the industry's best technical support to 
our parts customers. K.A.R. Auto Group must be a fun place to work as 
our most junior employee has over 10 years of company service. 

When in Columbus, Ohio please stop by and visit K.A.R.,
                             an Authorized Master Dealer of California Pony Cars or visit their website 

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