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Are you looking for cable conversion system that is "natural" for the early Mustang, yet also the strongest system you can install? Here at CPC, we offer two cable kits that have no moving parts to wear out, and the system maintains a constant length over the lever arm as the clutch pedal and quadrant move through their travel. Perfect for any quality restoration project! Did we forget to mention that every piece of both kits are made in the USA?

Cruise on over to get yours today!


1965-1966 Mustang T-5 Clutch Cable Linkage Conversion Kit 

This system utilizes a Fox body Mustang type adjustable clutch cable, a T-5 or Tremec type 5.0 bell housing and throw arm designed for cable clutch operation.

Kit includes:

  • Quadrant
  • Cable stop/firewall reinforcement bracket
  • Cable

MSRP: $264.95 PN: TRA-658-718




1967-1968 Clutch Cable Conversion Kit

Using this kit with a Toploader or T10 Transmission:

The quadrant kit is designed to be used with a T-5 or Tremec conversion and cable clutch. If you want to use the cable clutch with an original Mustang standard transmission, you will have to do a little fabrication.

    Kits includes: 

    • 1 Cable 
    • 1 Steel Quadrant 
    • 1 Aluminum Firewall Barce 
    • 1 Cable Bracket 

    MSRP: $270.00 P/N: TRA-678-745


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