California Pony Cars/// takes Ford Focus parts & accessories to the NXT level!

California Pony Cars /// has been working hard to develop a series of new parts/products for the various areas of the prominent Ford Focus ST/RS platforms. We have aimed our effort at replacing various plastic parts with carbon fiber, deleting of the hood prop rod with our gas strut hood lift kit, and our soon to be released upgraded suspension sway bar replacement.  These are just a few of the items we have started and have proudly added to our “NXT Generation” parts & accessories line. We here at California Pony Cars/// felt the need to pick up on were Ford fell short with parts and accessories.

We are in a continuous developing and improvement mode. We are proud to say that we are one of the first companies that jumped into this Ford Focus line without knowing the outcome and direction that it would take us but, we quickly found that this new Focus platform has taken on a big following ever since Ford announced their facelift back in 2012. We here at California Pony Cars/// intend to keep moving forward with our Ford Focus ST/RS parts and accessory line ensuring the best quality any Ford Focus enthusiast could ask for. 

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