California Pony Cars Hood Lift Kit

Another maker of hood lifts makes the claim on their website that CPC's hood lift kit is of poor design, and have what they call "proof" of this poor design. Their "proof" is little more then just short videos of a guy messing with our car at the SEMA show. They do show that if you push on the hood, it will close and is you lift on it, it will also lift with ease.

They also say on their site that they did not want to make their product "bolt on" because it compromises the quality. Really??? Is that the best they can come up with?

All it really takes is engineering, to do "bolt-on" the right way. That's why CPC NXT Generation's kit is made out of OEM quality cast aluminum. Not hardware-store brackets that require you to drill into your hood. Sure it is a lot cheaper to build a one size fits all kit out of light duty brackets, but CPC NXT Generation is interested in quality first, not the cheapest production cost. This is why CPC offers a distinctive kit for the Mustang GT/V6 and the GT500. We carefully engineered each to bolt-on and fit like they came from the factory, and when you order them in one of the many available OEM Colors they disappear almost completely showing off the engine compartment, not just an intrusive hood strut kit. Plus the added benefit that you do not have to reach around a clumsy looking prop struts when you work on your car.

Check out this great video of just how well the CPC NXT Generation hood hinges work, and look how they don't take up space on the side like other hood strut kits.

Look at the intrusive mounting style of the competition (above). Looks like it would be harder to get the battery out and around that set up, yet alone work on the engine from either side. CPC's Hood Lift Kit does not intrude into your engine compartment, giving it a OEM look.
See Below for photos of a completed Engine Compartment featuring CPC's NXT Generation Hood Lift kit.


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