California Legacy License Plate Program

                  To see “vintage” black and yellow or blue and yellow license plates takes classic car owners down memory lane. Classic car owners in California can celebrate that these plates are possibly back for good. The Legacy License Plate Program offers vehicles owners the opportunity to purchase and customize these classic styled license plates that resembled those of 1950’s, 60’s, & 70’s generation.
 The DMV must get at least 7,500 orders before it will print the replicas of earlier styles. Plates are $50 and must be pre-paid and ordered before January 1, 2015. Classic car owners must keep their fingers crossed that there is enough interest in purchasing the new plates. If the 7,500 limit isn’t met by Jan. 1, 2015, officials will refund the $50 application fee to those who ordered. 
              The SEMA Action Network has also joined in with the Association of California Car Clubs and other state enthusiast groups to support the return of these license plates. Here at CPC we think this is a great opportunity for our classic mustang lovers to add that classic touch to their classic ride! To find out more information on how to pre-order these California Legacy License Plates, visit 

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