Breaking down the kit: California Pony Cars engine dress up kit

California Pony Cars Mustang dress up kit was created for those car enthusiasts that like to hide the uglier under hood components of the engine bay to make the engine pop out like a jewel. The kit consist of a 4.6 Coyote style plenum cover and throttle body covers, fuel rail covers, full length radiator cover or radiator extension panels, battery & master cylinder cover, fuse box cover, shock tower covers, and of course our signature hood lift kit series.

The new ”Open Runner” designed to give your engine bay a performance look with the sleek design, not bulky looking boxes like other covers. It design does not affect the installation of any strut braces while still covering any loose wires to give a clean look.

The fuel rail covers give your Mustang’s engine compartment show winning style with this set of finned fuel rail covers. These covers are made from durable, OEM grade heat resistant material. 
The battery and master cylinder covers hide your battery and master brake cylinder with these inexpensive covers.  These covers attach to the front of the cowl, each using two of the "factory" plastic clips that fasten the cowl to the firewall. A concealed interlocking tab on the underside secures the front of the cover to the inner fender flange to provide a securely fastened (yet easily removable) cover in just minutes. Made of the same injection molded textured plastic as the factory under hood components for a perfect match.

Our signature hood lift kit Eliminates the use of existing prop rod allowing you to have room to work under the hood. The kit does not require drilling or cutting on your hood with its simple "Bolt-On" System. Both bracks are made of high quality aluminum injected molded diecast material that sets the "Industry Standard" for quality, fit, form and function.
The stylish finned fuse box, to compliment your plenum cover and maximize the appearance of your engine compartment. 

This cover is made from durable, OEM grade heat resistant material. Designed to fit over your factory plastic fuse box lid and attach with supplied double sided adhesive tape.


Our shock tower covers are designed to fit over the standard OEM bolts on your Mustang. The sleek circular design covers right over the gap and gives a visually clean appearance. These covers easily install by clicking right into the tower cover gap and are easily removable as well.

All products are made right here in the USA from the OEM style injection molded plastic and are durable/heat resistant and can be painted to match any color. California Pony Cars ensures the highest quality and if any products were to fail, they are backed with a limited lifetime warranty.

These products are applicable to 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 V6,GT, and GT500 models, depending on products. Mustangs. Shelby GT500's require minor trimming around the throttle body for proper clearance.

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