Because It Really Matters

Here at California Pony Cars, we are known to be #1 when it comes to premium quality parts that are made in the U.S.A. Customers have grown to trust a product when they see our CPC Premium Black packaging. Over the years we have noticed an increase of imported products hitting the shelves in the U.S. Our goal has been to educate our customers that when they buy from Cal Pony Cars they are buying more than just a simple product. 

Americans are known across the world for their patriotism and passion for their country, just as we feel the same for the parts we manufacture. We understands how important it is for consumers to save as much money as they can on the products that they love so when we manufacture products they are made to last so our the consumer can cherish them for a very long time and are competitively priced as well. It has always been our goal to keep our consumers in mind when manufacturing our premium mustang parts. CPC products are made to never disappoint and are intended to extend the life of car. We’ve strived to exceed expectations for the quality products that we produce.

We understand how manufacturing is critically important to the American economy so hearing from customers and knowing they care is why we continue to produce American made products. Keep this in mind; when restoring your American classic, demand for American, demand for quality, demand for California Pony Cars premium quality parts.

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