2015 Sema Show

Our bags are unpacked, emails are answered, and coffee cups are full; it is safe to say the SEMA 2015 show was a success. From top to bottom, Ford to Lamborghini the show was filled with the world’s finest built automobiles from all around the World.  Not only were we able to a first hand look at the best of 2015 but also see what the best builders in game have been working on for the last 365 days. Ring Brothers always seems to raise the bar higher and higher each year and we tip our hats off to their two classic mustang builds. It was almost a guarantee the show was going to feature a “few” wide body builds for the show, but the amount of “project wide body builds” but after walking 5 minutes through the show we had to push the wide body overload button. It seemed as if wherever you turned this was another wide body feature and after talking to our friends around the show they couldn’t help but agree. Let’s hope to see this is only a phase and not the start of a new chapter for auto customization. Whether it was street performance, off-road, or show only, the cars featured at the show were the best of the best. For all you dreamers, you can bet to see California Pony Cars products continued to be featured on the shows best builds for the next upcoming years.

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