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California Pony Cars proudly introduces the latest part to complete the award-winning CPC/// T-5 Conversion Kit, the brand new TREMEC T-5, 5-Speed Transmission.



  • Extremely lightweight; just 75 lbs. dry!
  • Excellent drivability with light shift effort, smooth shift quality
  • 300 lb-ft. of torque capacity
  • Exceptional fuel savings with 0.63:1 overdrive
  • Overdrive in 5th gear provides extended ratio coverage
  • Aluminum die-cast housings for reduced weight
  • Tapered roller bearings on main and countershafts reduce noise and improve durability
  • Needle bearing under 1st through 4th gears improve high-speed performance and reduce   shift effort
  • Advanced synchronizer technology
  • Engineered friction materials for improved durability
  • Patented strut-type design for improved durability
  • Sliding idler reverse for simple, reliable design
  • Internal, single-rail shift system

(1) Brand new TREMEC T-5, 5 Speed transmission with 1-year MFG Warranty


This Ford Mustang T-5, 5-Speed Transmission is the most popular drivetrain modification done to the early Mustangs, it swaps out the non-overdrive 3- and 4-speed transmissions with the later-model overdrive T-5, 5-speed Transmission. Not only does this new T-5 transmission provide a highway-friendly overdrive, but it also provides a deep first gear ratio for better off-the-line starts and is an incredible boost in performance that any classic car enthusiasts would appreciate. 

California Pony Cars has developed all necessary parts and components to make this an easy DIY installation, while still allowing utilization of the existing OEM emergency brake linkage, speedometer cable, clutch linkage, flywheel, clutch, starter, throw out arm and bushings with no cutting of your car required.  We also offer year correct OEM Shifter handle styles that will adapt to the T-5 Transmission while still retaining your classic original look.

CPC/// has been manufacturing the T-5 Conversion Kit for over 30 years with a proven track record. It is safe to say California Pony Cars are the “Originators” of the T-5 Overdrive Conversion Kits.

Call for complete kit details 1-888-CAL-PONY.

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